Grocery Delivery

Pre-Arrival Grocery Delivery Makes Your Check-In Easier

Would you like to arrive at your vacation rental and have the necessities already there? With our simple pre-arrival grocery delivery program, we will purchase the staples for you and have them in your kitchen when you arrive.

Choose from the options below or send us a specific list to eliminate that first grocery store run. Once you have sent us your grocery list, we will send you a bill with current prices for your groceries. If a product or brand requested is not available, we will provide substitute options before you pay. Once approved, you can pay for your order through our email service and your groceries will be ready when you arrive.

Grocery orders will only be accepted until 4 days before your check-in day.

If you don’t see an item that you really need, feel free to email us at with a subject line “Grocery Delivery” and the date of your stay. Or, add your item to the “Instructions” section of our grocery list.

Please select your items below. Unless otherwise indicated, groceries will be purchased at Publix grocery store. Store brands (or the most budget-friendly version) will be purchased for all items unless otherwise indicated. If you would like to request a specific brand or order more than 1 of an item, please specify in the comment sections.

An extra fee will be applied if other stores or more than one stores are requested.

Please note, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, some items may not be available. Please bring your own face mask, hand sanitizer, and disinfecting wipes.


The price of a grocery store run is as follows:

$25 (delivery fee) + grocery bill*

$10 extra fee for grocery purchase at stores other than Publix.

$10 extra fee per store if more than one store requested.

   *There is a $10 purchase minimum for pre-arrival grocery delivery. Price has been raised due to COVID-19

Please, before making your list, read our Terms and Conditions.

Grocery List

    Bread (loaf)

  • Butter (pack)

  • Cheese (pack)

  • Drinks (bottle)

  • Dry Goods (small container)

  • Eggs (dozen)

  • Fruits (unit)

  • Meats (unit)

  • Milk

  • Snacks (pack)

  • Miscellaneous (travel size)

  • Personal Information



Goodbye Rentals :(


BTR will no longer be accepting rentals after July 25th, 2021.

We are moving, selling our condo, and will no longer be renting. Please check our calendar for openings during the remaining summer months, as dates may come available due to cancellations.

Thanks to everyone who has stayed with us the past few years, it has been a blast!

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