Local Informaiton and COVID-19 Updates

During this time, rules, regulations, and guidelines are constantly changing as we learn more about the disease that causes COVID-19. Here, we will post information to help keep our guests informed of the regulations that apply to our area and the guidelines we are following to keep them safe.

Familiarize yourself with local information before heading to the beach.

RESTRICTIONS on travel into florida

Florida is now in Phase 4 and normal activities have been resumed.
Our cleaning practices still reflect the guidelines set by Walton County, the CDC, and VRBO. Information on our cleaning procedures will be available in the condo for your viewing and we are happy to answer any questions about cleaning upon request.

We suggest that our guests continue to use a mask, social distance, and frequently wash their hands while visiting our area. Continue the same precautions you take at home while you are here on vacation.

Our cleaning practices will be updated to reflect the guidelines set by Walton County and the CDC. Information on our cleaning procedures will be available in the condo for your viewing and we are happy to answer any questions about cleaning upon request.

Please be aware that any bookings in the coming months will be subject to cancellation in the event that the guidelines set forth by the State of Florida change, the State of Florida or Walton County reinstate the rental ban due to a spike in COVID-19 cases, or if new areas are identified as “high risk” and are required to quarantine upon arrival to the state. Thank you for your understanding and we look forward to having you stay with us!

 Click here to view updates on Florida Regulations.

WESTWINDS at SAndestin

Current guidelines for guests staying in the Westwinds building at Sandestin should follow the regulations below when using the facilities:

Pool & Spa

  • The pool and spa are open for regular hours.
  • Please follow all posted signs and notices.
  • All items must be removed when guests leave the pool area. Any items that are left may be disposed of.
  • The bathing load for the pool is 55 people.
  • Please continue to social distance in the pool area.
  • Westwinds has a wristband policy. It is strictly enforced.
    • All guests will be asked to show their wristband when using the pool and beach area, including unaccompanied minors.
    • Any guest that does not have a wristband may be sent to retrieve one before being allowed in the area.

Fitness/Exercise Room

  • The Fitness Room is open with occupancy limited to 3 people at a time.

Westwinds Property and Facilities

  • We encourage all guests to be mindful of the CDC recommendations for social distancing when using the facility.
  • The Westwinds property and facilities are private and only for the use of:
    • Owners staying at Westwinds and their guests.
    • Rental guests staying at Westwinds.
    • Guests of rental guests staying at Westwinds.

sandestin golf & Beach Resort

“Sandestin Golf and Beach Resort is now open and ready to take reservations!

We have stringent new health and safety standards focused on all touchpoints for guests and employees. From new check-in procedures that limit contact to increased disinfecting of all public areas, find out more about our enhanced cleanliness initiatives in every area of the resort.

In addition to our internal changes, we will ask our guests and homeowners to review governmental guidance to confirm eligibility to travel and stay at our resort and/or leave their own state. Reservations will not be honored where prohibited, and Sandestin accepts no responsibility for giests’ reservations that do not adhere to guidelines. Per the governor’s executive order, reservations for dates within the next 45 days (until July 3rd) may not be accepted for renters coming from specific COVID-19 hotspot states which include: Louisiana, Connecticut, New York, and New Jersey. Stay up to date on all COVID-19 travel updates here.”

For more information and current openings at the Sandestin Golf & Beach Resort and Baytowne Wharf, visit the Sandestin website here. 

Walton County-Beaches Open

“Walton County BCC Passes Resolution 2020-35; Beaches to Open on May 1st with Strict Restrictions.

See more information here.

Beginning on Friday, at 10:01 a.m. on May 1, 2020, the beaches within Walton County, Florida will be open with the following restrictions:

  • All permits for vending on the beach shall be suspended and no vending on the beach, including private beaches, shall be permitted while this Local State of Emergency remains in effect. (permitted as of May 19th, 2020)
  • All permits for beach bonfires shall be suspended. No beach bonfire permits will be issued while this Local State of Emergency remains in effect.
  • All special events on the beach shall be suspended and no special events on the beach shall be permitted while this Local State of Emergency remains in effect.
  • Individuals on the beach shall limit their activities to walking, jogging, fishing, swimming, paddleboarding, surfing, and boating (permitted as of May 19, 2020).
  • Groups of more than ten (10) people are prohibited, and a minimum of six (6) foot social distancing shall apply.

  In addition to the action above, the WCBCC has taken action to open all County parks and the Eagle Springs Golf Course. No more than ten (10) people and a minimum of six (6) foot social distancing shall apply at all parks and the golf course.

Members of the public are permitted to bring their chairs, umbrellas, and tents to the beach. Regarding tents and umbrellas, the public must adhere to the guidelines set forth in the County’s current Waterways and Beach Activities Ordinance: here.”

Local State of Emergency in Walton County Ends May 19, 2020

 All beach activities are now permitted. Groups of more than ten (10) people are prohibited, and a minimum of six (6) foot social distancing shall apply.

See Resolution 2020-42 here

Walton County Short-Term Rental Plan May 14, 2020

“The Walton County Board of County Commissioners voted unanimously to lift the short-term rental ban immediately under the guidelines approved by Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.”

For more information click here.

To view the Walton County Short-Term Rental Plan with information on safety and cleaning guidelines, click here.

Beach Conditions and Other Information

Before heading to the beach, be sure to check the beach conditions and follow the beach rules. For more information, see the Visit South Walton page, here.

Beach Flags

  • Green – Low hazard: Calm Conditions, Exercise Caution
  • Yellow – Medium Hazard: Moderate Surf/Currents
  • Red – High Hazard: High Surf/Currents
  • Double Red – Water Closed to Public
  • Purple – Marine Pests Present. It can be used with other flags.

Know before you go

  • No tents larger than 10×10 are permitted and must be set up on the top 1/3 of the beach.
  • Please allow a 15′ setback from dunes and water’s edge for emergency vehicles.
  • No glass containers are permitted on the beach.
  • No charcoal grills are permitted on the beach, propane grills may be permitted if 225 sq inches (approximately 16″x20″) or smaller.
  • Removal of sand, water, or vegetation is strictly prohibited.
  • Keep off the dunes.

Turtle Season

Various species of endangered and threatened sea turtles nest on our beaches.

     Leave no trace to help the turtles.

  • Remove all items from the beach at night.
  • At the end of the day, knock over any sandcastles and fill in holes.
  • Obstacles deter sea turtles from nesting or may cause them to become trapped. Keeping the beach clear can help them nest more easily.

     When walking on the beach at night, use a red cover over your


  • Bright flashlights and house lights can confuse turtles.
  • Bright lights look like the moon to turtles, when they try to return to the ocean, following the moon, they can unintentionally walk towards lights on the beach, leaving them vulnerable to poachers, predators, and exhaustion.

     What to do if you see a sea turtle: 

  • If you see a turtle on the beach DO NOT approach, touch, shout at, shine a light at, or otherwise disturb the turtle.
  • If possible, without disturbing or approaching the turtle, take a picture without flash and identify the location of the turtle.
  • Alert authorities at the South Walton Turtle Watch immediately.

Florida Executive Orders

To view Executive Orders issued by Governor Ron DeSantis, for information on the latest beach and travel restrictions due to COVID-19, click here.

  • Travel Restrictions for persons entering Florida from New York, New Jersey, Connecticut (EO 2020-82), and Louisiana (EO 2020-86).
  • Phase 1: Safe, Smart, Step-By-Step. Plan for Florida’s Recovery
    • April 29, 2020: EO 2020-112
    • May 9, 2020: EO 2020-120
    • May 14, 2020: EO 2020-122
    • May 15, 2020: EO 2020-123

Visit Florida Resources

For current travel safety information and resources, updated daily, check out VisitFlorida.com.


Center for Disease Control

If you have questions on how to protect yourself from COVID-19 or need to know what to do if you are sick, visit the CDC website here.

Symptoms include: fever, coughing, shortness of breath, and other symptoms that may be less common.

If you or someone in your party is ill or showing symptoms of COVID-19

Visit the CDC website, here, to find the steps to care for yourself and to help protect others.

Contact us at contact@buriedtreasurerentals.com ASAP. If someone becomes sick while you are staying at our condo, please let us know so our cleaning crew can take appropriate precautions to protect themselves and future guests.

If someone tests positive within 14 days of checking-out of one of our condos, please let us know so we can continue to monitor our health and clean to the highest standard possible.

Thank you for helping us protect you and ourselves.

Goodbye Rentals :(


BTR will no longer be accepting rentals after July 25th, 2021.

We are moving, selling our condo, and will no longer be renting. Please check our calendar for openings during the remaining summer months, as dates may come available due to cancellations.

Thanks to everyone who has stayed with us the past few years, it has been a blast!

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